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On the road again

The classic sounds of 'On the road again' by Canned Heat is the tune which comes to mind as my suitcase gets unzipped once more and the packing begins.

Part 3: Life on the Road

The classic sounds of 'On the road again' by Canned Heat is the tune which comes to mind as my suitcase gets unzipped once more and the packing begins.

Over the years, I have realised there is an art to being a great packer - too little and you forget things and will inevitability have to purchase the missing goods in the impending destination - and too much means it's excess baggage time and the nightmare of lugging unnecessary gear around airports.   

So what to pack for Champions League?

First of all the cricket gear - how many pairs of spikes, cricket bats, gloves socks etc -  no right or wrong but all important decisions.

This time I have gone with four bats, a little excessive but it's early in season and I haven't made up my mind which one is the best yet! I'm sure they're all beauties but they do say cricket is 90% above the shoulders, so I need to convince my brain I have all bases covered - so, four it is.

Next, the Bushrangers' kit goes in as well as some casuals gear and toiletries. For some, the toiletries are the hardest to pack - yes, I'm referring to the 'metrosexuals' in the team.

For most it's straight forward -  toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo,  maybe conditioner and a razor but for these select few they have a separate suit case for this with their hair gel, wax, straightners, hair dryers...  and the list goes on.

I won't dob any of boys in, but they know who they are!!! 

Then come the non negotiable items - the ones if forgotten - you can't really replace. These days no-one in the team travels without their laptop, we've all learnt it's your most important friend on tour. We're reliant on these little gems to keep in contact with the rest of the world and most importantly the family. The trusty iPhone is also in this category - oh and before I forget, you can't go anywhere without the passport!

As I continue to pack I get a little visiter into the room, my little daughter Milly.

She does what she thinks is packing but is really unpacking, as the clothes go in from my hands, they go out just as fast - god love her!

Maybe it's her ways of saying don't go... this has become the hardest part of travel for me, missing my family, but is a reality most sportspeople face when they go on tour.

Final check to make sure all electrical items are charged up for the trip and the phone, laptop, music and earphones are packed. Very important issues when staring down 15 hours on the plane from Melbourne - Sydney to Jo'burg!!

All packed. Or at least I think so... 

Now off to the airport and the all important decision from Qantas of who I've been drawn to sit next to on the flight. It used to be easy, alphabetical order was the norm, however in more recent times every flight is someone different. The luck of the draw!!

Get the wrong teammate next door to you and the flight becomes a long one....

Some like to sleep, others enjoy a movie but there are some who just cannot sit still - they are awake the whole flight - these guys are the ones you want to stay away from! Fingers crossed I survive and am able to get a little sleep.

Can I ask a question as to why every country has a different power point connection? Whoever advised against having a universal plug has some explaining to do!

My laptop bag is full of power point adapters from around the world and I have no idea which country they are for... fingers crossed I have the South African one packed!

... I've made it onto the plane, the captain has advised us we are at the cruising altitude - it's now decision time for in-flight entertainment, what to watch or listen too, or simply just a case of catching up on some sleep. A lack of sleep last night, being Father's Day and having little Milly on my mind- the choice is easy.

This journey will continue in Jo'burg where I will catch up with South Africa's head fitness man, Rob Walter and search for the edge in preparing for cricket in South Africa, until then, ssshhhh, its sleep time....





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